Robots with artificial intelligence


The undisputed star of the fair is artificial intelligence, which combines algorithms, software and sensors to, for example, facilitate domestic chores. This technology is integrated in the robots of LG, like the CLOi (photo), which, activated by voice command, can from helping to make the purchases until transferring a suitcase. Another of the vedettes was the robot, which, thanks to a smart vision system, manages to play Scrabble with an opponent.


The futuristic car

One of the topics discussed was the alliance of technological giants with automotive companies to develop intelligent vehicles. Thus, the company Byton, composed of exexecutives of Tesla, Apple, Google and BMW, designed an electric model that will go on sale in 2019 to US $45,000. It is an SUV that has, as a board, a screen of 49 inches and another of 10 attached to the wheel. It has an autonomy of use of more than 480 km and can be recharged at its 80% in half an hour.


A TV that simulates a wall

MicroLED technology in televisions did not happen unnoticed at the fair. Samsung introduced the wall, a 146-inch television with modular-use technology that is literally a wall by its almost invisible thickness and allows the user to narrow or enlarge the screen to taste without damaging the image quality. In addition, it has integrated artificial intelligence, which allows to transform a low-quality content to an 8k resolution.

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