12 useful programs for PC and little known that you must install


You just released your new Windows PC. You have installed the programs that appear in almost all the articles of the style “programs that you must install in your new computer” like Chrome, CCleaner, Word and company.

You’re not finished yet!

You have the other programs for PC useful and essential. Those who will simplify your computer life on more than one occasion but are not known by the vulgar.

Here you have them

The 12 useful and essential PC programs
Let’s go with the list. These PC programs are useful to help you: gain time, design images as a real graphic designer, remember all your passwords, organize your documents and remember all your contacts.

Take note of these essential programs that you have to install Yes or Yes on your new PC.


Launchy is a tool that helps you to run programs at high speed by creating shortcuts. But the thing doesn’t end there: You can also tackle actions like:

Open Documents and folders

Running formulas

Search the Web…

The Windows Paint is very good… I don’t deny it… But if you want to make more advanced visual tweaks, Paint.NET is a great option, and free! Includes features that copy some of the joists that can be done in Adobe Photoshop with some nerve.


The home computer, the work, the Tablet to see series, the latest Smartphone…

To this day, everyone has more than one device so you should have a cloud storage service, like Dropbox, to have all your documents and files handy and in total synchrony.

The first two 2GB are free but if you want more space, you will have to pony up.

F. Lux
Another super-useful PC program is F. Lux, to take care of your health.

Your monitor’s bluish luster is detrimental to your health when it’s nighttime. F. Lux automatically changes the color on your monitor when the sun sets and you run out of natural light.

From bright blue you’ll turn orange off to avoid having headaches or sleeping problems.

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