Best free Antivirus for PC


Today our computers are exposed to a number of malware, adware and other types of malicious software that can infect our computer, causing a great security problem.

In this article you will find the best free Antivirus for PC in 2018, and that will help you to improve considerably the security and protection of your own computer.


Do we know which is the best free antivirus for PC?

There are so many security programs in the market that does not make it difficult to choose which is better antivirus free, and that makes sometimes we try and try, even I have come to bump into more than one occasion with a computer with 2 or 3 antivirus different to the same tie MPO, which is logically not advisable or desirable.

So if you’re thinking of downloading a free antivirus for PC, you can start with the following list below, and remember that you only have an active antivirus on your PC.

I will sort this list depending on the demand or search that users perform in the Google search engine, which logically evidence which are the most used free antivirus in 2018.

Do you have an antivirus on your Android mobile device?

360 Security – Antivirus Boost
360 security is the most reliable all-in-one mobile optimization software in the world, with 200 million users all over the world using 360 security.


Updated March 3, 2017.
More than 200 million downloads.
Score 4.6/5.

AndroHelm Mobile Security

An excellent and free solution to protect your smartphone and tablet with Android. Speed Booster. Completely free.


Updated March 4, 2017.
More than 100 million downloads.
Score 4.1/5.


Norton Security and Antivirus

It has a version of payment and another free, in the latter you can do the following things:

1.-Protect your smartphone or tablet.
2.-use SMS to remotely block your lost or stolen phone.
3.-Analyze and eliminate applications that contain malicious software or viruses that can damage the device or slow it down.


Updated January 23rd, 2017.
More than 10 million downloads.
Score 4.5/5.




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